Client Stories: Frank

Frank is 68 and comes from a long line of manual laborers. He’s what you might call a “tough guy” — he doesn’t like to ask for help, and he values being able to take care of himself and his home. He’s always scoffed at the idea of moving to an assisted living home, claiming that they take away their residents’ independence and treat them like children.

Frank has never wanted to be a burden to his children or his neighbors, but he’s started to have trouble maintaining his landscape due to his arthritis. He’s also left the stove on several times and has forgotten to pay several of his bills. All of these little issues are starting to greatly worry his children.

How The Law Offices of Janis A Carney Can Help

At The Law Offices of Janis A Carney, we’ve worked with countless individuals just like Frank. We understand that many individuals have a difficult time imagining themselves moving to an assisted living facility, and we also know that many older adults fear losing their legacy or being forgotten after they’ve moved.

We work with families to address these concerns, and many others, with compassion and empathy. As Silicon Valley’s Top Rated Local® elder law firm, we can help your loved one find a facility that empowers them to continue living their life with independence and dignity.

Help your loved one enjoy the next phase of their life with the care they deserve. Call The Law Offices of Janis A Carney today for a consultation.