We started working with Janis Carney and her team a year ago after attending her estate planning presentation. In our initial interview, she clearly explained the process we would follow to create our estate plan, with documents showing the process and milestones. She also clearly explained the service pricing. Her pricing and billing are transparent and we always understand what we are paying for at each step. Janis and Daniel worked patiently with us to understand our requirements and incorporate those into the plan. Several times they were able to suggest options that brought our plan closer to satisfying what we really wanted, rather than what we thought we wanted at the outset. At the end of the process, we felt completely satisfied that the plan met our needs. We are impressed with the thoroughness of the plan. When we see articles about estate planning in the news and online, we find that issues in the articles that apply to our situation have already been addressed in our estate plan. That gives us great confidence in the quality of the estate plan they created for us. The plan also offers enough flexibility to evolve as we continue to age and our needs change. To that end, we are happy she has an ongoing service to address changes in the tax and legal environment and changes in our needs. We felt that they took all our concerns seriously, whether about the documents or about the process. They always responded quickly and thoughtfully to our calls and emails. Janis addressed our questions about document and data security honestly and completely. Not only is their practice serious about security, but they continue to improve, adding a data portal for secure messaging and document sharing. We would not hesitate to recommend Janis and her team. They are professional, patient, and complete and dedicated to quality.