“Janis Carney was recommended to my husband & I many years ago…..way back in the early ’90’s……. shortly after she began her law practice.
We found her to be delightful to work with.
We had, what I thought at the time, quite a complicated trust to be written, as it was a second marriage and involved two families.
Janis was so thorough and worked so diligently to cover everything we requested of her.
She worked long, hard hours on this trust, I am sure.
She interviewed us several times.
When completed, she handed us a thick beautiful binder, beautifully written,
well researched, and covered everything necessary to protect us.
To this day, I cherish this binder. It means so much to me.
At the time of my husband’s passing, I found I needed this protection and I was, and of course still am, so grateful for what Janis did for us.
My children will be very grateful for this document at the time they will need it.
Thank you, Janis Carney, for taking good care of me.

Now, many years later, I have had the opportunity to attend several of her workshops or seminars. She is always so well prepared and covers everything we need to know on her chosen subject of the day.
Janis is always very polite, answers questions, and is so knowledgeable.

On a scale of one to 10, Janis is definitely way above that.
She also becomes a friend.
As you can see, “I highly recommend her.”

Marilyn H.