At Carney Elder Law, we are strongly committed to encouraging and helping our clients plan ahead for the financial realities of long-term care and the income they need during the second half of life. We assist our clients and their families to understand the financial reality of aging and assess their financial options.

In partnership with experts from one of the top eldercare financials firms in the nation, we help clients to find the best asset-based solutions available to pay for their long-term care (if needed), while avoiding the problems plagued by traditional long-term care insurance: high cost, unpredictable increases in premiums and/or reductions in coverage, being disqualified due to age or health, losing your investment if you don’t use it, and claims on the policy being denied.

Although we are state licensed insurance agents ourselves, we are first and always our clients’ attorney, making sure all of the terms for any investment offered to them are fully explained and understood, making sure the investment is in the best interest of our clients (not those of the financial advisor’s), and making sure our client is never pressured into purchasing anything and can back out of the investment if they change their minds. Our goal in this, like all of our services, is to help our clients and bring them peace of mind.

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