Elder Law Services in San Jose

Many people do not like to think about the preparations they should make for long-term care or other financial needs during the second half of their life. Failure to get documents in order, however, could cause your loved ones to pay large medical bills, draining their own resources. At The Law Offices of Janis A Carney in San Jose, we help clients find the best asset-based solutions available, while avoiding the problems caused by traditional long-term care insurance. Contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation.

Top Rated Local® Financial Services Attorney

Make plans to protect yourself and your loved ones from the problems associated with traditional long-term care insurance, including high costs, unpredictable increases in premiums, reductions in coverage, disqualifications due to age, and more. Contact our Top Rated Local® financial services attorney to get the protection and plans you need to ensure a stable financial future.

Although we are state-licensed insurance agents ourselves, we are first and foremost committed to protecting the interests of our clients. Our duties include:

  • Ensuring that all of the terms for any investment offered to our clients are fully explained and understood.
  • Ensuring that potential investments are in the best interests of our clients (not those of the financial advisor’s).
  • Ensuring that our clients are never pressured into purchasing anything and can back out of an investment if they change their minds.

Our goal in this, like all of our legal services, is to help our clients and bring them peace of mind.