Obtaining quality health care, especially in a hospital or emergency room during a crisis situation, can be very a complex, confusing, and frustrating process. However, a patient or care advocate can make easy and stress-free to obtain the care you need.

What is a patient or care advocate? A good patient or care advocate will be able to:

  • Quickly and accurately provide all of the patient’s relevant medical information to the medical providers so that appropriate medical decisions can be made for the patient.
  • Help make sure that the patient receives proper attention and care from the medical staff and checks for drug interactions before any new medications are given.
  • Ensure that the patient is not released from the hospital before it is safe to do so.
  • Focus solely on the individual patient to make sure the patient’s wishes about life support are known, respected and, as needed, work toward the goal of returning the patient to the highest quality of life available.

At Carney Elder Law, our elder law attorneys go beyond the traditional legal matters handled by other law firms to comprehensively and holistically address the needs of our clients as they face the care issues of aging. We provide the knowledge, experience, and skills of a professional care coordinator and patient advocate to assist our clients and their families to determine and obtain care and necessary services.

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