1. Keto Isn’t A Diet ~ It’s a Healthy Lifestyle

    Keto Coconut Macaroons                                       Ingredients ¼ C almond flour   2 C unsweetened flaked coconut          1 T vanilla extract 1 T butter (sub Coconut Oil for dairy free) ¼ C Swerve 4 egg whites 100g 90% Dark Chocolate (o…Read More

  2. The Importance of Long-Term Care Planning

    The future is never certain, and if you are like many Americans, then you may not have spent much time thinking about how your needs will change and grow over time. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at a few of the most important aspects of long-term care planning and explain why you should mak…Read More

  3. Aretha Franklin Did Not Leave a Will — What Does That Mean for Her Estate?

    In case you have not been watching television or reading pop culture magazines, legendary vocalist, pianist, and songwriter Aretha Franklin passed away on August 16, 2018. Franklin's health struggles have plagued her for years, though she still made an effort to perform and publicly support charitab…Read More