1. and elderly couple at the gym

    5 Tips for Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

    Most people realize that Alzheimer’s can be a debilitating disease, which leads them to search for ways to prevent it. Unfortunately, the research about whether or not Alzheimer’s disease can be prevented is still unclear, and a direct way of preventing the disease has not been found. That said,…Read More

  2. Improve Your Health With Strength Training

    Though older adults often face unique health challenges, recent studies show that strength training can mitigate many of them, and prove more beneficial than cardio-based exercise. In today’s entry, we’ll explain a few of the benefits seniors can receive from strength training. Before we begin, …Read More

  3. Keto Isn’t A Diet ~ It’s a Healthy Lifestyle

    Keto Coconut Macaroons                                       Ingredients ¼ C almond flour   2 C unsweetened flaked coconut          1 T vanilla extract 1 T butter (sub Coconut Oil for dairy free) ¼ C Swerve 4 egg whites 100g 90% Dark Chocolate (o…Read More