The keto diet is taking off in popularity, and at The Law Offices of Janis A Carney, we’re willing to bet that you’ve heard about the numerous health benefits of adhering to a low-carb, high-fat diet. While we won’t get too in-depth into the relationship between keto and Alzheimer’s in today’s post, we do have a separate post dedicated to the topic. Be sure to read through that information if you’re wondering about the positive effects a ketogenic diet can have on Alzheimer’s patients. In today’s post, we’ll explore a similar topic as we explain five tips that can help you eat a healthier diet and protect your brain from degenerative disease.

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Improve Your Brain Health By…

Setting Time Aside to Cook 

It can be difficult to find time to cook, especially if you have a busy schedule and don’t have much free time at home. Instead of reaching for high-carb on-the-go snacks or eating out, we suggest setting time aside to cook at some point during the week. You can prepare several meals in a single day, providing you with something easy and quick to eat throughout the week. Whatever you choose to make, be sure to include plenty of protein and healthy fats to keep yourself satiated.

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Investing in Quality Ingredients

Though the purpose of today’s entry is to help you eat a diet conducive to better brain health, we can’t neglect the impact that food has on the rest of the body. Many pesticides and chemicals used in the agricultural industry can cause inflammation and other problems in the body, which is why we recommend shopping for organic, natural foods whenever possible. While organic, locally sourced meats and vegetables can sometimes come with a higher price tag, your mental and physical well-being are well-worth the investment.

Eating the Alzheimer’s Trio

The Alzheimer’s Trio is comprised of grass-fed beef, avocados, and coconut oil. These high-fat, keto-friendly foods will keep you satiated, energized, and contribute to better brain health. They’re also incredibly easy to incorporate into meals! Try a grass-fed beef and avocado salad with a homemade, coconut oil-based dressing for dinner, or cook your eggs with coconut oil and serve them with a side of avocado in the mornings. There are plenty of on-the-go recipes that incorporate the Alzheimer’s Trio as well, so stock up the next time you go out to buy groceries!

Drinking More Coffee 

Did you know that your morning Joe is doing your brain a favor? While studies in the past few decades have suggested a positive relationship between coffee consumption and brain health, contemporary studies are confirming that coffee is indeed good for your cognitive health. In addition to activating oxidation-fighting pathways in the brain and protecting vital structures from regeneration, individuals who consume high quantities of caffeinated coffee were found to be 65 percent less likely to develop dementia than individuals who consumed little to no caffeinated coffee. Brew an extra cup before you start your day — your brain will thank you for it now and well into the future!

Supplementing With DHA

Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, is an omega-3 fatty acid commonly sourced from cold-water fish. While tuna, salmon, and other cold-water fish are great options for anyone following the keto diet, it can be difficult to regularly include them in your diet.

DHA plays a key role in tissue development, and numerous studies suggest a relationship between DHA supplementation and improved brain health. Many people choose to supplement DHA in the form of fish oil or algae-based derivatives.

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